Manar Al-Shibly’s is an amazing Run Beyond graduate who impressed us as she embarked upon the program in 2017, and has continued to do so ever since.

Her attitude, enthusiasm, and encouragement of her team-mates first caught our eye when she was a Year 10 student at Evans High School, struggling to train through Ramadan in order to prepare for her Goal Race at the Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival.

Her continued determination beyond the finish line has continued to earn our admiration. She’s currently studying Journalism at university and has given her time and skills to interview some of our other successful graduates.

Thanks to our friends at lululemon‘s Here to Be initiative who have helped us to amplify Manar’s story. Enjoy the video, and learn more about Manar here.

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David Criniti

David Criniti

Founder and Director - The Run Beyond Project

David Crinti is a high school ESL teacher at Chester Hill High School and has had previous experience working at their Intensive English Centre and as part of the Refugee Transition Program which focuses on the effective
transitioning of refugee students into the high school environment.

 David is a long standing member of the running having been involved with clubs such as the Sydney Striders, Sydney Marathon Clinic and The Australian Ultra Runners’ Association over the past 20 years. He is an experienced runner, having performed at an elite level over the past decade, with several marathon wins under his belt. Recently, David ran a Commonwealth Games qualifying time and personal best of 2:17:57 at the 2017 Berlin Marathon. He has a community coaching qualification and mentors a number of athletes.