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In this edition we recap a lot of the highlights from last year as we look forward to helping more students in need across more schools in 2020 and beyond!


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David Criniti

David Criniti

Founder and Director - The Run Beyond Project

David Crinti is a high school ESL teacher at Chester Hill High School and has had previous experience working at their Intensive English Centre and as part of the Refugee Transition Program which focuses on the effective
transitioning of refugee students into the high school environment.

 David is a long standing member of the running having been involved with clubs such as the Sydney Striders, Sydney Marathon Clinic and The Australian Ultra Runners’ Association over the past 20 years. He is an experienced runner, having performed at an elite level over the past decade, with several marathon wins under his belt. Recently, David ran a Commonwealth Games qualifying time and personal best of 2:17:57 at the 2017 Berlin Marathon. He has a community coaching qualification and mentors a number of athletes.