Nightcliff Middle School Run Beyond Project students achieve their goal


Eight Weeks ago, Nightcliff Middle School set a challenge for a small group of students to complete the only Run Beyond Project in the NT. On the weekend I am proud to announce that 4 of our students crossed the line for their goal event. Huge congratulations from Nightcliff Middle School and the entire Run Beyond Community goes to Keenan, John, Patrick and Shannon for finishing their goal race- the iconic NT City 2 Surf Mini surfer run. A huge shout out to NT City 2 Surf team for helping these students get to start line and the wonderful volunteers and Nightcliff supporters that motivated our students to get to the finish line. Our 4 NMS finishers displayed the Run Beyond Project values of commitment and resilience to get to the finish line with a sense of success and pride in their achievements. Each of them has a uniquely wonderful lead up story to the event and now all share an amazing experience. The Nightcliff Middle School staff who were involved in the Run Beyond Project are so proud of their achievements and grateful to be part of such a wonderful national program that is positively influencing the lives of so many. We look forward to Saturday the 22nd of June for our final goal race of the program at Nightcliff Middle School to build our graduate class of 2024. Garry Salt, Cohort Teacher


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