With a new year beginning, at The Run Beyond Project we are looking forward to reaching out to more and more students in 2023!

To date we have worked with over 274 graduates across a few dozen schools and last year we saw our students reach their goal race at a host of different events including the GC50 Fun Run on the Gold Coast, the Coffs Harbour Running Festival, the Mount Panorama Punish, Blackmore Sydney Running Festival, Sydney Marathon Clinic and Fishers Ghost Run.

The stories that each of these students have to tell are inspirational. Their dedication to the Project and to reaching their goal is testament to their resilience and commitment and the feeling of achievement that each and every one of them shows is a joy to see.  Of course, all of this is only achievable with the dedication of the extraordinary teachers who give up their own time to run the program within their schools.

As we reach more students, there’s a growing sense of pride that we’re able to make some sort of positive contribution to these stories, and to the communities in which we operate. These stories reflect our values of inclusion, empowerment and belief, and show that our impact goes beyond the finish line. As we head into the new year we look forward to sharing more stories with you and to having you join us on this amazing journey!


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