On Sunday, 14 January, 5 dedicated young people from Chester Hill High School reaped the benefits of 6 months of consistent hard work as they completed their first half-marathon at the Cadbury Marathon running festival in Hobart, Tasmania.

Smiles stretched from ear to ear as the boys relished their accomplishments, post-race. It was an achievement that did not come easily, with all of the boys struggling to complete training runs of less than 5km when preparations commenced back in July, last year!

Commitment and resilience fuel the achievement of ambitious goals

The boys didn’t give up, though the task loomed large ahead of them. They made the commitment to give their time to training each week and they did so consistently.

As the weeks went by, their fitness improved and runs that once taxed them immensely soon became the norm. The bar continued to rise.

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The Run Beyond project is a charity which uses running as a medium to help students facing adversity; learn goal setting, commitment, resilience and to feel a sense of belonging.

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