What do we stand for? What do we run for? What do we go beyond running for?

inclusion, empowerment, belief

The Run Beyond Project is about overcoming exclusion and encouraging participation. We aim to promote diversity and acceptance within the running community and beyond. 

Valuing inclusion means we promote numerous other values which are inextricably linked to this, such as participation, equality, respect for diversity, courage and community.

Valuing inclusion means working with numerous stakeholders to develop more inclusive communities.

  • With students to encourage their participation and sense of belonging within the running community and their right to belong to a broader range of communities. 
  • With teachers to develop their capacities to promote the inclusion of their students.
  • With members of the running community, including race directors, sponsors, and event participants to promote acceptance and encouragement of young people from diverse backgrounds at events.


The Run Beyond Project promotes empowerment by encouraging young people to set goals and take responsibility for making decisions about their future. We encourage and reward effort and achievement. We encourage our participants to grow and develop and to support and encourage each others’ growth and development.


The Run Beyond Project believes in the potential of our participants and we strive so that they may believe in themselves. 

We promote this by providing a framework through which they can set and work towards the achievement of challenging but achievable goals. Furthermore, we instill in students a belief in themselves to do this independently beyond the completion of the program, beyond the context of running.




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What people are saying

I have seen that the Run Beyond Project has improved all participants’ confidence and self-esteem and has allowed them to set goals that they may never have done before.
Mel, Westfield Sports High School
– Teacher

Throughout this journey we’ve been given opportunities I never would have thought of having before. I’ve made friendships and unforgettable memories; accomplished goals; received awesome freebies; and met some very inspirational people.
Marissa, Evans High School
– Run Beyond Graduate

t’s something that I will always talk about and … that I recommend other people to try because it changed my perspective on the world.
Mohamed, Chester Hill High School
– Run Beyond Graduate


The Run Beyond project is a charity which uses running as a medium to help students facing adversity; through the project they learn goal setting, commitment, resilience and feel a sense of belonging.

Reg charity: 66613492005