Meet some of the people who are helping Run Beyond run!!


Founder, David Crinti is a high school ESL teacher at Chester Hill High School and has had previous experience working at their Intensive English Centre and as part of the Refugee Transition Program which focuses on the effective
transitioning of refugee students into the high school environment.

David is a long standing member of the running community, having been involved with clubs such as the Sydney Striders, Sydney Marathon Clinic and The Australian Ultra Runners’ Association over the past 20 years. He is an experienced runner, having performed at an elite level over the past decade, with several marathon wins under his belt. Recently, David ran a Commonwealth Games qualifying time and personal best of 2:17:57 at the 2017 Berlin Marathon. He has a community coaching qualification and mentors a number of athletes.



Jemma Rowe is a recreational runner, mother and a big believer in giving all young Australians the opportunity to be their best. Jemma works at the Australian Sports Commission and has a keen interest in the role of sport in education, health and youth development. Joining the Run Beyond Project in 2016, with a background in corporate governance, Jemma works behind the scenes helping the project with strategy, compliance and administration.


Jonathan Fletcher

My vision in life is to create meaningful experiences through everything I do. My goals are not commercial, are not revenue orientated and are not about profits and power.

What matters to me is changing lives one by one every day. Through our services at Running Science, our new experiences in our runFIT classes and of course our charity work we are doing that more and more.

There are people all around who are less fortunate in health, in body shape, in background, in status, in family and who are also in poverty and severe disadvantage. This world doesn’t do anywhere near enough to tackle these things.


David Hazlewood

David Hazlewood is a keen runner, father and the Principal of Knightswood House Pty Ltd. Dave returned to running as an adult and recognised the broader impact it had on his life. Dave strongly believes that the discipline and focus required to achieve the goals you set are applicable to all areas of life, while the ability to switch off from the day to day pressures of business while running helps keep him sane. Dave has been a long term financial supporter of the Run Beyond Project, and joined the board as a director in 2019 to have a more direct involvement. He works behind the scenes providing advice on growth and development strategies, fundraising and corporate governance.


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What people are saying

I have seen that the Run Beyond Project has improved all participants’ confidence and self-esteem and has allowed them to set goals that they may never have done before.
Mel, Westfield Sports High School
– Teacher

Throughout this journey we’ve been given opportunities I never would have thought of having before. I’ve made friendships and unforgettable memories; accomplished goals; received awesome freebies; and met some very inspirational people.
Marissa, Evans High School
– Run Beyond Graduate

t’s something that I will always talk about and … that I recommend other people to try because it changed my perspective on the world.
Mohamed, Chester Hill High School
– Run Beyond Graduate


The Run Beyond project is a charity which uses running as a medium to help students facing adversity; learn goal setting, commitment, resilience and to feel a sense of belonging.

Reg charity: 66613492005