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Knightswood House

Knightswood House

We are a financial advisory firm that specialises in helping endurance athletes enjoy the life of adventure they crave while also looking after their family and  future. 


We find many of our clients come to us because they are experiencing one or more of these problems:

  1. Your passion for running is a central part of life, and the accompanying time and financial commitment can be significant. This can be a source of tension with your spouse (and of guilt for you) because of concerns about the long term impact on your financial security.
  2. The discipline and drive that is the source of your running success often carries over into your working life. Consequently you are doing well professionally which means you are busy juggling work and family responsibilities with training, so you don’t have the time or energy to properly plan and manage their finances
  3. You’d much rather talk about your next major race and how your training is going than investment portfolio construction theory and tax optimisation. But you have struggled in the past to find someone who understands you, and who understands your need to tackle these challenges now, while you are fit and healthy rather than waiting until retirement.

The Founder and Principal of Knightswood House, Dave Hazlewood, is a runner and adventurer. He’s completed 9 marathons including Boston, London and Tokyo, and is married with two young daughters. He developed a 5 step program that combines sport science and economics that delivers our clients a life of adventure plus financial security.



The Sydney Striders
The Sydney Striders Running Club welcomes runners of all abilities. Their objective is to support members in their running interests, as well as provide organised events that benefit the broader running community. The common thread within Sydney Striders is theat they all enjoy running. The club has a great reputation for fun, fellowship and mutual support.

Running Science
Running Science is a specialty running store established in 2003 by a group of Sydney’s leading sports podiatrists. Since then it has earned a reputation as the go-to place for advice on everything to do with running. At your disposal is a team of six qualified sports medicine professionals including an onsite sports podiatrist. Their focus is on your goals regardless of your fitness level. No question is too big or small and they always have time to assist with your running needs. They stock the latest in running technology, including nutrition, GPS watches and audio solutions for running.  

2ndSkin Asia
2ndSkin Clothing was founded in 2010 by 2 sports enthusiasts. We were established with the goal to stand out from the crowd via our range of technical apparel and sportswear that feature inspirational quotes and eye-catching designs. Why blend into the starting line crowd when you can break free from the norm and be garbed in gear that turns heads?

Bioathletic makes athletes bulletproof. And much like The Run Beyond Project, we believe the best project you will ever work on is you. Our mission is to provide faster recover, less setbacks and ultimately better performance where it counts. With some of Sydney's most influential Sports Physiotherapists, Strength Coaches and Sports Dieticians, your running goals are in good hands.

Buzz Events & Co
Cadbury Marathon The Cadbury Marathon
The Cadbury Marathon has been Tasmania's premier marathon for over 30 years. We're elated that they've come on board to support The Run Beyond Project.
SMC Sydney Marathon Clinic

The Sydney Marathon Clinic runs a 9 event series in Smithfield, in Sydney's west, which includes events ranging from 5k to 30k. The Run Beyond Project is proud to be associated with this volunteer-based, non-profit running club which has been bringing quality running events to Western Sydney for over 30 years.
Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival
Running Wild
http://www.runningwildnsw.com Running Wild Trail Association is a non-profit organisaton that loves staging low-cost wilderness trail runs in NSW
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