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Grab your World Record T-Shirt
Posted on the 26th of June, 2017 at 9:34 am

On Saturday, 24 June, Jess Baker, David Criniti and Simon Wolnizer secured the T-Shirt Challenge World Record by running 60 Laps of the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre track, adding a t-shirt each lap. That's right, they finished wearing an incredible 60 t-shirts.

You can now own your very own World Record T-shirt for just $15, with all profits supporting The Run Beyond Project.

Size and Colour


Join us for The T-Shirt Running Challenge!!!
Posted on the 14th of June, 2017 at 9:55 pm

On Saturday, 24 June, The Run Beyond Project's founder, David Criniti, will join ultramarathon champion Jess Baker and up-and-coming superstar (and world renowned trumpet player) Simon Wolnizer to embark on an ambitious challenge in aid of raising funds for The Run Beyond Project.

Want to be part of the fun?
Enter an associated event or volunteer and DONATE:

The Challenge? Running laps of the athletic track, adding a t-shirt every lap, until they all surpass the current record of 52 t-shirts (which will require a distance of over 20km), or fall-down trying!!!

2nd Skin have generously supplied our t-shirts for the challenge and are keen to see how their superlight apparel holds up to the test!

Come on down to participate in what's going to be a great morning at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre. We've got lots in store, including:
- 5km track run. What better place to attack your PB than on a track on a cool winter's morning.
- 3 minute dash for distance. How far can you run before the gun fires???
- Elimination mile. Don't be the last at the end of each lap!
- Bubble Soccer
- Jumping Castle
- Great deals from our mates at Running Science
- $1000+ worth of prizes in our raffle!!!!
- And more!!!



Impossible is Nothing
Posted on the 23rd of January, 2017 at 8:36 am

The boys from Chester Hill High School began 2017 with a bang as they completed their goal race in style at the Cadbury Half Marathon in Hobart on Sunday, January 15.

The four boys, who had not participated in any distance running events prior to their entry into the program in July, always knew it was going to be an incredibly challenging endeavour. Their commitment, however, never wavered.

Despite rating early sessions of 4 or 5 kilometres as “10 out of 10” for difficulty, the boys persisted, attending the after-school training sessions each week with smiles on their faces. Soon these shorter distances became easier, and they started attending free 5km parkrun events which, before long, became ‘short runs’ for them.

In addition to the physical training, the boys participated in theoretical lessons which covered goal-setting, commitment and resilience and developed the boys’ ability to apply these skills to both their running goals and within a broader context.

With the half-marathon scheduled one month after the completion of the school year, the boys not only demonstrated their commitment, but an inspiring sense of autonomy as they continued to complete their final sessions independently, outside of the school environment, throughout the height of summer.

Come race day, however, all this hard work paid off, with all students finishing their first half marathon in style before enjoying a well-earned rest. Their time in Tasmania included visits to the eye-opening Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the breathtaking Tahune Airwalk

All students were rightfully proud of their achievements and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the project, with Mohamed saying “it changed my perspective of the world and who I want to become in the future … [the project] made me realise that there is nothing impossible.”

We look forward to seeing these young people take on the world, making the impossible possible! 

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who make this project a reality. In order to keep The Run Beyond Project running, please visit out donate page to contribute.


Big Day Out
Posted on the 21st of December, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Sunday, December 18 was definitely a Big Day Out for the students from the Run Beyond Project, with students from Chester Hill High School, Chifley College, Shalvey Campus and Katoomba High School, all in action!

The girls from Katoomba High have been working hard for months, and finally completed their goal race at the Sri Chinmoy Iron Cove 7km event. With one of our brave girls in constant pain due to a bruised rib, it wasn't easy going, but great commitment was shown and all girls finished with smiles on their faces. They were joined at the event by the girls from Chifley College who can't get enough running in their legs after completing their goal race at a Running Wild event in September.

The boys from Cheso continued their great progress toward's January's Cadbury Half Marathon with solids runs at the Sydney Marathon Clinic 10k, where all three boys ran pbs, and all ran negative splits, showing they've got the steady heads required to get through the half.

The students had the chance to meet up after their respective events at Running Science, Rozelle, where the team fitted them out in some funky new shoes which will see them running faster than ever as their journies continue!


Halfway there... almost
Posted on the 5th of November, 2016 at 3:27 pm

The boys from Chester Hill High School are almost halfway to reaching their goal. On Saturday, 11 November, they raced the Sydney Striders' season-ending 10k race at Lane Cove, with all students completing the undulating course admirably in hot conditions.

Although the boys have run up to 13km in training, this was their first outing over 10km in race conditions, which will serve to prepare them well for their final goal of completing the Cadbury Half Marathon in Hobart, on January 15, 2017.

Having only been training since August, the boys have progressed well as a result of their commitment to achieving their goal, and all completed the course in under an hour, with our fastest student, Eh Kwa Lar, finishing in 54:00.

The Run Beyond Project is now helping students in 5 schools, and needs your support to continue to provide opportunities for these deserving students. Contributions can be made at the link below, and are extremely appreciated.


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