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About The Run Beyond Project

The Run Beyond Project was founded in 2015 when teacher and marathon enthusiast, David Criniti persuaded 5 of his Chester Hill High School students, all from refugee backgrounds, to go beyond what they thought possible and train for a half-marathon.  With fellow running enthusiast, Keith Hong on board in the very early stages, a program was developed to ensure that as the boys progressed towards their goal, they acquired some valuable skills which could applied to enable them to excel in all areas of their lives, beyond the context of running.

The Run Beyond Project soon expanded (and is continuing to do so) to include more students in need, and it aims to use running as a mechanism to teach these high school students about goal-setting, commitment and resilience.

Students commit to a fun but challenging program requiring them to complete theoretical and practical components as they prepare to compete a goal-race, ranging from 10km to a half-marathon.

Students have interim commitments along the course of their journey which ensure they are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to complete their goal, and to overcome challenges along the way.


Join us!

The 2017 cohort from Evans High School are currently training for the M7 Westlink Running Festival 10km Event. The 2017 Chester Hill High School cohort will be training for the Cadbury Marathon Half Marathon event. Want to be there? Want to contribute? Want to donate? Get in touch!



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